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Supported by The College of Family Physicians of Canada
The Awards of Excellence recognize CFPC members who in the past 12 to 24 months have made an outstanding contribution in a specific area pertaining to one or more of the following areas: patient care, community service, hospital or health care institutions, College activities (National or Chapter), teaching, research, or other elements of the academic discipline of family medicine.
Examples include:

  • Charitable or humanitarian work
  • Outstanding teaching
  • Excellence in clinical practice
  • Innovative research program
  • Leadership during community outbreak of infectious disease
  • Establishment of a training program in family violence
  • Innovations in developing a new program to address a health care need
  • Leadership role in a hospital or regional health care program
  • Development of health care programs in specific areas (eg. palliative care)

Nomination Process

Nominations are invited from CFPC members and the public and must be submitted to the provincial Chapter office of the nominee. The deadlines for submission vary according to each Chapter.

The Chapters will submit their nominations for this award to the national Honours & Awards Committee prior to March 15, of each year.

This award, named in honour of Dr Reg L. Perkin, CFPC Executive Director (1985 – 1996), recognizes outstanding family physician members of the CFPC who exemplify the best of what being a family doctor is all about, including exceptional care of patients combined with a significant contribution to the health and well-being of communities and/or society. Nominees should exemplify how the four principles of family medicine are applied to one’s practice: they should be skilled clinicians, community-based, act as a resource to a practice population, and recognize the central importance of the doctor/patient relationship.
Each of the CFPC’s provincial Chapters will select a Family Physician of the Year for its jurisdiction. These individuals will be honoured at the time of their Chapter Annual Scientific Assemblies/Annual General Meetings. The national award recipients are presented with the Reg L. Perkin Award each year during Family Medicine Forum. Recipients will receive complimentary registration and up to $1,500 to offset travel and other expenses to attend FMF.

Nomination Process
Nominations for Canada’s Family Physicians of the Year are invited from all CFPC members. They are to be submitted to the office of the provincial CFPC Chapter in which the nominee is a member. Please contact the provincial Chapter of your nominee to confirm the nomination deadline date.

The Chapters will submit their nomination for this award to the CFPC National Office prior to March of each year. The Honours & Awards Committee will approve the nomination and inform the recipients in writing. For more information, visit the CFPC’s Honours and Awards page

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