2024 Recipients

PEI College of Family Physicians
2024 Awards

Presented on May 10, 2024

The 2024 CFPC Awards of Excellence recognize at the national level family physicians who are meritorious and recognized at the provincial Chapter level. 

Dr. Reuven Stott is a physician who has been helping with the healthcare needs of the vulnerable population at the Outreach Centre, Charlottetown. Dr. Stott is a hospitalist who works at the primary care access clinic and has now opened a clinic at the Outreach Centre. His family has also been gathering donations of outdoor footwear and socks for the population, as he is seeing a lot of foot ulcers due to poor footwear.

Dr. Direse Coetzee has been the only remaining family physician at Harbourside Health Centre for approximately two years, overseeing four Nurse Practitioners, providing guidance, teaching, consultation on referral from Nurse Practitioners to hospital care. She is the only Family Physician in such a role in PEI. She continues to provide excellent care and is a robust role model for all practising in PEI.

Dr. Laura Heron is an exceptional provider in her own practice and with the Sexual Health, Options & Reproductive Services (SHORS). She is a role model and teacher for medical students and residents. She always seeks ongoing learning and engagement and shares this with her colleagues. This past year, she re-started medical rounds at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, which provides new/up-to-date information and has brought her colleagues together.


2024 PEI’s Family Physician of the Year, Reg L. Perkin Award. 


This award recognizes an outstanding CFPC member who exemplifies the ideals of family medicine.

Dr. Shannon Curtis is a remarkable family physician. Even early in her career, she has done so much for her patients, medical education and the College of Family Physicians both at a provincial and national level. She cares for her patients in collaborative practice and advocates for their mental and physical health needs from the allied professionals who work in her clinic. She co-researched and presented at the Family Medicine Forum with Dr. Katherine Bell on the PEI Diabetes and Food Insecurity project. 

Shannon recently stepped down as the PEI Site Director of the Dalhousie Family Medicine Education Program, having very capably managed the myriad of medical students and residents over the past five years, especially during the challenging COVID pandemic. 

She was the President of the PEI College of Family Physicians from 2015 -2017 and has represented our Chapter nationally and on many Health PEI committees. She epitomizes the whole family physician by researching, teaching, providing inpatient and outpatient care, and serving her community. She deserves recognition as our Family Physician of the Year for Prince Edward Island. 


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